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About This is Happening

This is Happening is the meeting of ROLF Fashion and live poetry performances. Founded, by Charleston Artist Rolf Anthony Young, This is Happening brings together Rolf's love of fashion with poetry by Lowcountry Poets. The idea was born when Chris "C-Lyric" Wynn wore a t-shirt designed by Rolf, and performed at an open mic night during the Summer of 2023. Immediately Rolf knew there was something special happening with this experience. Chris and Rolf began to collaborate on ideas of what could happen if fashion and poetry mixed. Today, This is Happening holds events throughout the year. Book TIH today!



To bring people together around the celebration of ROLF Fashion and live poetry performances from the gifted minds of the poets from the Lowcountry of South Carolina.


This is not your passive fashion show experience. This is Happening highlights the latest trends in ROLF Fashion and the unique talents of poets who perform poetry live, before an audience. Rolf plans to bring This is Happening to other locations throughout the state of South Carolina and beyond.

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Check Out the TIH Introduction Packet Y'all!

This is Happening Introduction Packet - April 4, 2024
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